Where do you spend 8 hours/day (and commuting to it)?

After running almost 100 workshops and Q&As with students or junior employees, a lot of the time I have been asked what am I looking for when hiring or growing teams.

I think it would be fair to share how I have approached my professional life. Every context is unique – so replicating it is impossible and also a bit weird to even try –, but I can try depicting a decision-making mindset.

Choosing life … over life

I have never believed you can (really) draw a line between personal and professional life.
If those are hours spent out of your time, it is just life. Therefore, find things that you enjoy doing or explore activities until you discover those that you would like to do on a daily basis (no matter whether on weekdays or weekends).

Complaining about professional life is complaining about your life. Not someone else’s.

You spend time there. A lot

There is one thing that clearly killed any chance of accepting or continuing to work in a place: environment.
It will always be a place where you spend 8 hours or more. This is a deal-breaker if you do not like the people on your team, the manager(s) or the ones working in other departments. There is no reason to be there. Just find a way to move away from that environment immediately or to create a new one by changing the team.


enjoy spending time with your colleagues

Another deal-breaker can be found in the form of nepotism or lack of fairness, whenever encountered.

I have built my entire day-to-day (work) life on 4 pillars:

  • Learning (be a better person): before being able to build your own self-learning behaviour, it is about those who lead you. Can I learn a lot from those that I am working with and/or leading me?
    This applies especially when you are at the beginning of the professional activity, as you need to have someone to guide you. Being uncomfortable with the tasks that you are asked to do is essential if you are seeking effective learning. Although you are not familiar with a lot of things and this causes discomfort at first, the learning process can be fun/enjoyable.
    I am still looking to work with people that I can learn from. There is no such thing as being fully prepared for what is coming. Uncertainty is also part of life.
training media
talking about media campaigns and programmatic
  • Job title (ego): what is my job title? How do I define my relationship with that company? Moving up in your career, you might find yourself aiming to feel more and more important. Getting a cool job title was important to me until 5 or 6 years ago
  • Financial status (do not think about surviving at all): am I paid so I can enjoy evenings and weekends? Will I be able to pay my rent at the end of the month?
    It is important to underline that it is definitely not a competition with others or over ownership of goods. However, regardless of your spending behaviour, you should be able to have a pleasant life and learn as much as possible.
  • Ladder: opportunities to grow. What is the highest level that I can reach in this particular environment/company? As soon as you reach seniority, you might not care a lot about it. There is also a possibility that you care even more. It depends on the type of person you have managed to develop yourself into: corporate or self-growing until reaching the highest level possible before owning your company, becoming managing partner of that company or even the CEO of an existing structure.

So, for me, this was the order of things that got me here – leading teams in advertising agencies (OmniPERFORM) that I founded, working with more than 80 corporations in my professional advertising experience, speaking in front of more than 17.000 people on 3 continents and becoming CEO of one of the largest angel-investors networks (Angels Den Funding) in EU (or maybe even globally).

And top 100 Young Managers – Manager in Technology Age – Business Magazin Top 100 Young Managers 2018

Or at least, that’s what I think.

But then again, the only things I want from the people I work with is the desire to learn, act and have fun.

adrian enache omniperform arya
me working with our mascot, Arya

Learning, getting things done and having fun with both your colleagues and managers will give you a feeling of belonging.
You can achieve great things only with an amazing team on your side.

You can achieve great things only by having an amazing team on your side, being involved and trusting that the ones around you will give their best every day, just like you do.


Money News TV: Cum să ai grijă atât de online cât și de offline în marketing

Una dintre primele apariții la TV pe care le-am avut m-a pus în contextul unei discuții cu privire la omnichannel, online și offline marketing.

Puteți urmări o înregistrare a emisiunii de la Money News mai jos.


PS. Încerc să îmi explic propria-mi voce: https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/why-does-my-voice-sound-different/

Proud to announce the launch of OmniPERFORM

In the last months I prepared to launch a new technology that will be able to enhance even more the conversion rate and the media campaigns.

Therefore, I am happy to announce OmniPERFORM and also to invest and bring a new technology that aims to deliver better and more relevant advertising in omnichannel and digital campaigns together with the a great team behind with extensive experience in digital and media campaigns.



You can read more about the agency here:




or AdPlayers:



2nd year of Agency


Business Magazin



Business Magazin – Personalitatea consumatorului

1st Year of Agency


Business Cover

Business Magazin




Ce spune Annie McKee despre fericire la muncă #learntoperform

Săptămâna trecută mi-a atras atenția un webminar scurt al celor de la Harvard Business Review.

Au evidențiat câteva lucruri simple care chiar pot schimba complet percepția asupra a ceea ce faci zi de zi.

Work does not have to be boring.
You should focus on building the following:

a purpose
and friendship.

și probabil cel mai important

Happiness comes before success.

Puteți vedea mai jos întreaga prezentare:

How to Be Happy at Work, with author Annie McKee. #HBRLive

Posted by Harvard Business Review on 6 Ianuarie 2017

Do you know what your marketing is doing?

A lot of Infinit Academy participants and also specialists, young entrepreneurs and students that participated at my trainings asked me repeatedly about the movie that I usually use to begin my presentations (with the child buying Encyclopedia – Adobe commercial). Here it is one of the (best) ads that I really appreciate (Adobe’s commercial regarding marketing) and I look forward to meeting you at my future trainings.

You can watch it below:

#DMFCairo: Digital Media Forum Cairo (about Performance Marketing and Future of Digital Media)

I was invited to have a keynote and a workshopathon in Cairo and I was completely impressed by the fact that the organizers managed to merge very interesting topics in one event.

There were great creative presentations, strategy or even technical ones.
And not to forget the futurology presentations of business approach, JJ Walburg and Alex Cernatescu had one of a hell keynotes.

Taking in consideration that we need to prove that also all the invested money get a positive ROI, I had a very complex task: how to be sure you will get the return on investment or how to act starting tomorrow in order to increase the results of those campaigns.

The market in Cairo, first of all, has an amazing opportunity: the users consume the content, no matter the ads. Therefore the ad blocking penetration is very low, actually 1% according th PageFair and Adobe.
However, they definitely will need to start focusing on relevance and better targeting in order to keep this percentage of ad blocking spread.


#1 Performance Marketing Workshopathon

In the 1st day I prepared a short presentation with a couple of key-points on how to analyze your budgets and investment, how to take care of them and to make them more profitable
You can watch the presentation here:


#2 Keynote on future digital performance marketing and busting the myth of one-man show

The 2nd day I concluded with a presentation regarding the future of media&online campaigns, based on facts that I discovered during my years of experience. I proposed new roles in any team that needs and wants to perform better.
I was pleased to discover that the feedback was extremely positive and everyone realised the same things after addresing the problem.
You can view the keynote here:


As a conclusion: MENA market is a very good one and with high potential, very good specialists and entrepreneurs in digital field. All we need is to be careful regarding the relevance and how we will approach the teams in the future.

Because we, this very generation, will build the future of digital media and performance marketing :)!


You can see a couple of pictures below, but for more details you can also follow the #DMFCairo Twitter account or DMFAwards Facebook account