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The 4 things to look forward for your brand or as a marketing director

Recently, I have been invited to talk at Marketing and Innovation track regarding the future of communication at the Virtualized event.

Taking into consideration some months have passed since the beginning of the pandemic, it becomes more and more obvious that digital adoption is being accelerated within all corporations, no matter the industry.

And every executive moved on his/her priority list digitalization and digital transformation on top of all the other projects they were keeping an eye on before the pandemic.

Even so, as a non-digital native executive or marketing director, how can you choose out of more than 8.000 technologies? Or how do you know which one is going to fit?

You can read more about it here:

Moreover, hearing so much about technologies that should talk to the right user, at the right time and in the right place, how can you make sure you are actually taking some steps in this direction?

The answer is never simple. And any agency/supplier coming to you with a technology that answers all your needs is always, frankly, overexagerated.

If this was the case, then you would not need an agency anymore, just press START on some online tool and your brand would suddenly increase all its business and communication KPIs.

I think we can take it one step at a time, from things you can do immediately to medium-long term actions.

I. You have to adapt the brand message to all users in different contexts. All online users are different and we have to act accordingly because the digital technologies allow you

Basically, forget the funnel vision of throwing offline message to users. Each user has preferences, specifics, behavioural dynamics. You cannot promote the same sportswear to people that love boxing to people that love cycling. 

You can still show and send the brand or the sales message, just make sure you are going to do it in the right context, with the users’ preferences in mind

So personalizing your campaigns is just a small step from spending 80-90% of your budget on generic advertising messages, losing more than half.

Personalization already proves it can increase your results from 30 to 60% in terms of brand attention to more traffic to more leads to brand preference and even loyalty – showing that you care about your users’ preferences.

II. Some advertising formats will deliver your brand message without annoying the other 99% users that see the same campaign

There are so many clear ways and studies of choosing the right formats without annoying your potential customers.

Why choose the formats that make your consumers never buy? Or even worse, install an ad blocker to get rid of all advertising, so you cannot relevantly reach them anymore at all? Basically, stop sacrificing market by throwing messages in intrusive formats.

Source: Blockthrough Ad Blocking 2019

A very interesting study proved that 60% of the users would erase their already existing ad blocker if they knew that the advertising would be light and relevant.

You can read more about the study here:

More statistics can be found in other studies, as well:

source: Adblocker Study PageFair 2017

III. Micro-moments become more important than ever

The advantage of online advertising, combined with the right data analysis and interpretations, is that you can understand the current stage of your buyer. Based on the type of searches, the lasting time of his research, you can already identify types of content that are going to be relevant.

So do not hesitate to identify the touch-points and then the types of content required to generate the answers for your users’ journey stages. 

source: Google Dealer guidebook

IV. The medium-long term is building your CDP – your customer data platform

This will allow you to build your own CV/profile for the consumers that are agreeing with this, treating this tool as a pre-CRM data enrichment which will drastically increase the conversion rate of your sales team or the relevance level of your brand messages, sent in the right context and having the right message.

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