Do you know what your marketing is doing?

A lot of Infinit Academy participants and also specialists, young entrepreneurs and students that participated at my trainings asked me repeatedly about the movie that I usually use to begin my presentations (with the child buying Encyclopedia – Adobe commercial). Here it is one of the (best) ads that I really appreciate (Adobe’s commercial regarding marketing) and I look forward to meeting you at my future trainings.

You can watch it below:

#DMFCairo: Digital Media Forum Cairo (about Performance Marketing and Future of Digital Media)

I was invited to have a keynote and a workshopathon in Cairo and I was completely impressed by the fact that the organizers managed to merge very interesting topics in one event.

There were great creative presentations, strategy or even technical ones.
And not to forget the futurology presentations of business approach, JJ Walburg and Alex Cernatescu had one of a hell keynotes.

Taking in consideration that we need to prove that also all the invested money get a positive ROI, I had a very complex task: how to be sure you will get the return on investment or how to act starting tomorrow in order to increase the results of those campaigns.

The market in Cairo, first of all, has an amazing opportunity: the users consume the content, no matter the ads. Therefore the ad blocking penetration is very low, actually 1% according th PageFair and Adobe.
However, they definitely will need to start focusing on relevance and better targeting in order to keep this percentage of ad blocking spread.


#1 Performance Marketing Workshopathon

In the 1st day I prepared a short presentation with a couple of key-points on how to analyze your budgets and investment, how to take care of them and to make them more profitable
You can watch the presentation here:


#2 Keynote on future digital performance marketing and busting the myth of one-man show

The 2nd day I concluded with a presentation regarding the future of media&online campaigns, based on facts that I discovered during my years of experience. I proposed new roles in any team that needs and wants to perform better.
I was pleased to discover that the feedback was extremely positive and everyone realised the same things after addresing the problem.
You can view the keynote here:


As a conclusion: MENA market is a very good one and with high potential, very good specialists and entrepreneurs in digital field. All we need is to be careful regarding the relevance and how we will approach the teams in the future.

Because we, this very generation, will build the future of digital media and performance marketing :)!


You can see a couple of pictures below, but for more details you can also follow the #DMFCairo Twitter account or DMFAwards Facebook account


The ONE thing you can do for you (or for your business)

I was invited to have a keynote presentation in the opening of the PR2Advertising’s conference: Effective ways to promote your business.

Being a performance-driven agency and leading a team that is promoting mainly channels that can prove directly ROI, it was a real challenge to discover the elements that can change the game for your business in the online world without budget (or a very low one).

You can find out the presentation here:


I hope you will find the presentation useful!

Some pictures from the event (on PR2Advertising’s Facebook Page you can find more)

Thank you!

The MasterPlan Agency în Grupul Infinit – Revista presei

IQAds – Ianuarie 2015 – Insider Story

Alex Cernatescu: “Un focus mare al grupului Infinit va fi cresterea zonelor de performance marketing, media digitala si de e-commerce”

In general avem conturi full-service digitally-led, adica livram turn-key, pe termen lung, de la strategie, creatie, dezvoltare “asset-uri digitale” pana la campanii de comunicare de toate dimensiunile, promotii si asa mai departe, incluzand prin The MasterPlan Agency, si e-commerce, performance marketing si media planning&buying.

Citește Articolul complet: The MasterPlan și Grupul Infinit în IQAds.

Adplayers – Ianuarie 2015 – Bilant 2014 si perspective 2015:

2014 – 1,5 Mil EUR, crestere cu peste 50% la Infinit Solutions Agency si o noua agentie de media (performance marketing) in grupul Infinit – The MasterPlan Agency

Ca si evolutie a business-ului Infinit cel mai important lucru este fondarea The MasterPlan Agency, noua agentie de performance marketing, media digitala si e-commerce a grupului Infinit. Agentia The MasterPlan este condusa de Adrian Enache si a avut o lansare “silent” in 2014, si-a format deja o echipa foarte puternica si a inregistrat deja o cifra de afaceri peste obiectivele propuse, atat din clientii grupului cat si din clienti proprii. Spuneam si mai sus ca am incheiat 2014 cu peste 1.500.000 Euro cifra de afaceri pe Infinit Solutions Agency, iar The Masterplan Agency are business deja contractat de peste 400.000 Euro.

Citește Articolul complet: The MasterPlan în Grupul Infinit 

Hello world, indeed!

La jumătatea anului 2014 am decis să mă alătur grupului Infinit în poziția de asociat prin crearea The MasterPlan Agency.

Cu ajutorul fraților Andrei și Alex Cernătescu și alături de o echipă excepțională, am avut probabil cel mai bun start al unei agenții de digital media și consultanță în e-Commerce din piață.

După cum Alex Cernătescu a spus în Forbes:

“În 2014, cea mai mare schimbare pentru Infinit a venit prin lansarea The MasterPlan Agency, agenție care va centraliza toate operațiunile de media digitală, e-commerce și performance ale grupului nostru.

Tot la capitolul schimbări aș vrea să menționez câștigarea unui număr mare de pitchuri care ne-a adus în portofoliu conturi noi, importante, cum ar fi CEC Bank, TOTAL sau Cosmopolis, ca să numesc doar câteva.”

Restul articolului despre viitorul Infinit poate fi citit aici: Infinit Solutions 2015

PS. Am găsit ca prin minune domeniu liber. Voi încerca să profit de asta și să scriu pentru următorii 10 ani aici 🙂